hey bestie!

I'M Liberty

a small town girl with a big dream of showing women around the world how incredible they are.

Most days you can find me scrolling through social media, playing with my pups, chauffeuring my kids from sports to theater, or hanging with my hubby and laughing loudly!

I am mostly known for blazing my own trail and starting a business many laughed at. For teaching thousands of women entrepreneurs how to love taking selfies and building their brands around them.

I was put on this Earth to love my family, stand up for the women who have forgotten who they are, and teach the world what is possible when a woman remembers who the fuck she is.


Armed with a disposable camera and Seventeen magazines for inspo, my bestie and I dressed up, dressed down, and photographed ourselves all around the small little town we grew up in. We would then run to the local Walmart, and drop off our cameras ticking the "fast one hour" development option, and walk around the store while we waited. When 60 minutes was over we would rush to see whether our creations were as good as we thought. Often they were not. Whether the lighting was off or the poses were cheesy, if they weren't what we wanted we would buy another camera and try to get it right.

I would later discover that what my mother incorrectly called vanity, and others called self indulgent, was really the beginning of me seeing and understanding that all girls had a deep rooted want and desire to be seen and known. That no woman truly desired to be invisible.


In 2010 I open "the doors" to a basement boudoir studio. Trained by the Boudoir Divas themselves, I quickly outgrew that starter studio and found a storefront on Main Street and became the premiere "boudoir only" studio in the Saint Louis area. After 2 years of almost exclusively photographing women, I became very aware that what women were feeling was what I was feeling. That feeling of being lost in the job of motherhood and wifedom. I also recognized that seeing an absolutely breathtaking photo of themselves reignited their soul, and the woman that was there before the huge life change was rediscovered.

In an effort to rediscover myself this way, I began taking my own photos in the same way I took theirs; only in selfie style. I applied the same pro tips I used on my clients on myself. I stared into the eyes of the woman I had become and professed the love to myself that I had poured onto my clients. The effect was life altering. The mistakes I felt I made melted away. My flaws? I no longer saw them because the rest of me shined through.

Right then, I knew my dream and purpose was bigger than those 4 studio walls.


After spending 5 years at home with my son, and last child, I knew it was time to re-imagine my dream and go for it. This time, in a bigger way. Social media was gaining traction, influencers were taking over YouTube, and I started to see "Coaches" building a following. I knew that if I could successful convert myself into a brand online, I could impact more women. There was just one problem. I didn't see ANYONE doing what I wanted to do which meant I would have to make my own trail. My own path. (secretly I always knew I was a trailblazer even though my teachers and bosses called me a rebel lol!)

One night while praying it just clicked. I could write an ebook that I would sell along with Facebook LIVE classes I was teaching. The rest, as they say, is history. BWAHAHA just kidding. The rest was full of big dreams and ideas, fear of failing, overcoming doubt that not only I had, but heard from others too. But I kept holding to that vision that what I was doing would revolutionize the way women around the world look at themselves and loved themselves.


After 6 years of dedication, I have had the pleasure and honor to teach thousands online -from Australia to Canada- selfie lessons that impact their confidence, their true beauty and self love. Not only has this journey been fulfilling, it's also been amazing seeing my students bloom into confident individuals ready for success! As they discover levels of personal growth with each step taken after these life altering practices, I love witnessing them embrace confidence and reclaim forgotten dreams.

I am proud of the individuals I have had the honor of working with. They have taken their selfie journey and grown in ways that are beyond what they ever believed possible. whether they have transformed shy introverts to women owning their power, Or confident women lacking selfie skills, these ladies have become unstoppable forces in life. With each step taken, these amazing individuals embracing confidence, personal growth, and showing themselves how incredible they are!

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