Let me guess. 🤔

You got excited about the products, and you absolutely LOVED them! 😍 You were head over heels so you thought, "Why not jump into the business and make a little money money 💰 from a side hustle?" While waiting on your kit, you couldn't help but imagine the sales rolling in and the thrill of success. 🎉 But now that the buzz of getting your shiny new products 📦 and making a couple of sales has fizzled out, you're hit with the cold, hard truth: 😅 you're kinda clueless about how to actually sell this stuff.

Every morning, you wake up feeling slightly lost 😕 and overwhelmed, thinking, "Uh, what do I do now? 🤷‍♀️ What do I post on social media 📲 to attract customers? Do I have to ask my family to try these products? 😬 Is that what everyone else is doing?" These questions swirl around in your head, leaving you second-guessing your every move. 🔄

Then, the doubts 😈 start creeping in.

"OMG! 😱 Am I one of those weird people who push products on their friends now? 🤔 Why aren't people messaging ME yet? 📩 Don't they know how GOOD this stuff is?" 🌟 You can't help but feel frustrated 😤 that others don't seem to share the same enthusiasm for the products that you do. You know the products are amazing, 💯 so why isn't everyone else on board? 🤷‍♀️

WOW! I know exactly how it feels to be in those shoes.

I remember the first time I jumped head first. I was bursting 🙀 with excitement as I joined my first network marketing company, promptly investing over $500 in a business booster starter kit. But then reality hit—I had no idea how to market myself. 🫣

As the adrenaline & excitement wore off and the rejections started piling up, I felt totally deflated.

Determined to succeed, I turned to those around me, searching for the key 🔑 to their success.


I heard my leaders say "Fake it 'til you make it" and "Copy the Right Cat." But regardless of my efforts and the people I imitated, I still felt trapped in an endless hamster 🐹 wheel. I struggled with staying true to myself and my values, and any short-lived success I had was overshadowed by the fear of being exposed as an imposter.

I knew I couldn't stay in that position for long, and you don't have to either.🫶🏼

💡 If you have ever tried to do what someone else was doing and felt fake

🤔 If you wake up and think “What should I do today to make money?”

🏄‍♀️ If you had some sales, but now seem to be coasting along with no interest in sight

💌 If you want to wake up to new sales in your inbox, or DM’s asking about the products

😊 If you want to feel good about how you are showing up online, knowing that you are true to who you are

🦋 If you want to feel comfortable being authentically you without the fear of internet trolls

🤷‍♀️ If you have no idea how to be the face of your brand or why you even should be

🎭 If you have ever been told to “fake it ‘til you make it”

🐱 If you have tried to “copy the right cat” too many times

🏠 If Imposter syndrome feels like your forever home

💬 If you want to make money easily just by talking to your people

🏢 If you think your brand is the company you work for

🚫 If you think you are “not good at selling” and can’t make money

📉 If you think “the market is saturated” and you have no chance to be successful




This is a 🎉 30-day group coaching program 🎉 tailored for MLM business owners who are so over 🙅‍♀️ stumbling around, trying to copy their upline or someone else's success. It's time to create a kickass business 💪 by showing up as your authentic self, and ditching the whole imitation game. 🚫

Enough with the hamster wheel 🐹 of stuff that just isn't working. In this class, I'll help you figure out who YOU are 😎, how to totally embrace that, and show up the way YOU want to. 🌟 Get ready to cash in 💰 on your own personal brand and leave the copycat tactics behind. It's time to rock it 🎸 in your own unique way! 🚀

and “Fake it ‘til you make it" became my mantra until I didn’t see ME anymore.”

After having initial success 🎉 in my first MLM in 2011, I struggled to keep it going. 😞 My warm market was empty and the idea of cold messaging strangers 📩 felt absolutely terrifying to me. 😱

I kept looking around 👀 to imitate leader after leader, trying to find the Cinderella slipper 👠 that fit. But nothing did. Nothing I copied felt like me. 😕

So I gave up. 😔 I quit pretending to be someone I wasn’t. 🙅‍♀️

In 2017, I decided to try something completely rebellious. 😈 I did EVERYTHING I was taught not to do. Showed up online as a mess. 🤷‍♀️ Showed my dirty dishes in the sink 🍽️, talked about my struggles and the guilt I felt. 😓 Even talked about my imperfect marriage. 💔

Turns out, no one is looking for perfection anymore. ✨ They are looking for REAL AUTHENTIC people 💯 to give them permission to be real as well. 🙌

You don’t have to imitate anyone, not even me. 🚫 You just have to be rooted in who you are, what you have to say, and be bold enough to share it. 🌟

You get to be successful 🏆 AND yourself at the same time! 🥳

🤯 H E R E I S W H A T Y O U W I L L L E A R N 🤯

LESSON 1 - Your Secret Sauce

People aren't typically buying because of company awareness (unless you're Tiffany & Co. 😉) – most MLM companies just aren't household names yet. With new companies popping up left and right, it's the "you" factor that sets you apart. 🌟 Right now, there are people in this world searching for exactly you, your voice, and what you offer. 🌍 Let's get clear on what that is, shall we? 🤔

When you're clear on who you are, you're less likely to try to be someone else. Your brand is more than the company you work for. 💼 This lesson is all about figuring out the who, what, and why behind your personal brand, so you can feel confident in how you show up. 🙌

I'll help you turn your experiences, talents, opinions, and your life into a brand that will attract the right people to your business. 🧲 They'll not only buy the products you offer, but also keep coming back for more, again and again. 🛍️ Embrace your uniqueness, and watch the results pour in! 📈

LESSON 2 - Best Face Forward

In today's digital landscape, it's essential to create compelling visuals that catch people's attention. And sure, corporate graphics have their place 🎯 but by featuring your own face in stunning, professional-looking photos, you not only build brand recognition but also add a human element to your brand. 🤳Let's face it, people connect with other people, and they're way more likely to spend their hard-earned cash with someone they feel close to. 💸 So, your personal brand totally needs a face – someone your customers can vibe with, understand, and just click with. 🌟 I'll help you put your best face forward in your snaps, so when you show up online, you'll be like, "YAS! My customers are gonna love this!" 📸 Embrace that personal touch, and you'll see stronger connections, more trust, and, you guessed it, a boost in sales as your customers feel all the more confident shopping with you. 🚀 Just be your authentic, bubbly self, and watch as the sales roll in! 💰

LESSON 3 - Video Killed The Radio Star (IYKYK)

It's tough to connect "in person" with everyone you meet online, but with video – whether it's pre-recorded, live, or in stories – you can give your customers a real-time glimpse into your world. 📹 Let them see your gestures, hear your voice, and laugh with you! 😄 This helps build a deeper bond and loyalty, which is so important for your brand. 🤝 In this lesson, you'll learn not only how to overcome fear and embrace those awkward moments, but also how to create captivating videos, TikToks, Reels, and more! 🎬 By being the real you in front of the camera, you'll connect on a deeper level with your audience and create raving fans that will support your business. 🤩 Let's kick off this exciting journey together and boost your online presence! 🚀 The adventure starts here!

LESSON 4 - Ca$h In On Content

As your audience gets to know the real you (your brand) 🌟, they'll be more than ready to spend their money with you! 💸 So, let's make sure you're giving them plenty of opportunities to do so! When you know who you are and how to showcase your brand, that's when selling becomes a breeze. 💨 Learn to sell without feeling like you're "selling" and let go of the fear of taking someone's money. 💪 You started this business to make money, right? 💰 In this lesson, you'll learn how to create content consistently that's aligned with you, your brand, and brings in that dough! 📈🎉

H E R E ’ S W H A T Y O U G E T



📆 Every week, I'll be joining you with your lessons LIVE. 🎥 While, of course, it's so much better for you to follow along live, these sessions will be recorded for you to watch on replay or repeat...whichever you prefer. 🔄🍿 Just know that I've got your back 😉, whether you're tuning in live or catching up later! 👍

  • Lesson 1 - Monday 3/27 6:30 CST - What's Your Secret Sauce? 🤫 - You'll dive deep and uncover who you truly are, using your unique experiences and opinions to build a powerful brand that feels amazing to share with your audience. 🌟 This way, you can finally stop hiding behind someone else's brand and let your authentic self shine through. 🌈✨

  • Lesson 2 - Monday 4/3 6:30 CST - Best Face Forward 📸 - Discover how to confidently step into the spotlight of your brand by taking fabulous selfies, capturing stunning product photos, and incorporating your real-life moments into your brand message. 🤳 By showing your audience who you genuinely are, you'll create a more personal connection, encouraging them to support you wholeheartedly. 💖👏

  • Lesson 3 - Monday 4/10 6:30 CST - 🎵 Video Killed the Radio Star aka Relationship Building Videos 🎥 - Master the art of planning, shooting, and editing 🎬videos and stories that help you connect with your audience 🤝, rock those live videos with confidence 💪, and let your audience see you in action without fear 😎. By nailing this, you'll create a fiercely loyal fan base 🤩, and word will spread 🗣️, helping your audience grow naturally 🌱

  • Lesson 4 - Monday 4/17 6:30 CST - 💰 Ca$h In On Content 📝 - Confidently create content using photos 📸, videos 🎥, and your thoughts 💭 that ignite action in your audience 🔥 and guide them towards purchasing what you have to sell 🛍️. This way, you'll make money more easily than ever before! 💸


🔥 These calls are hands down the BEST way to get face to face with me and ask your burning questions. 🥔 Hot potato style, each student present on the live will be given personal coaching advice to help you along the journey. 🚀💡 This is your chance to get the guidance you need to keep moving forward! 👩‍💼🌟

  • Coaching Call #1 - Saturday 4/1 - 10 AM CST

  • LIVE Working Call - Thursday 4/13 12 PM CST

  • Coaching Call #2 - Tuesday 4/25 - 7 PM CST


🌟 Think of this as your new go-to spot! 🥳 Everyone here is just like you, eager to change, and striving for business success. 💼 This is the perfect place to hype each other up 🙌 and feel safe letting your walls down if you want. 💕 You'll also get the most access to me here! 🤗 Feel free to ask your questions and get the answers you need. ✨ Let's make this space super inviting and supportive! 🌈


🎉 As soon as you purchase the program, you'll gain instant access to your online classroom! 🏫 Dive right in and explore any bonus materials or pre-work that's waiting for you. 🎁 This is also where all your materials and lessons will live, so you can return and rewatch them anytime you need a refresher. 🔄 It's your one-stop-shop for learning and growth! 🌟


📚 Workbooks, 📄 PDFs, 📓 Journal Pages – you'll get everything you need to be successful during this program! 🌟 We've got you covered with all the resources to help you thrive and grow. 💪😄

🔥 W A I T - T H E R E ’ S M O R E ! 🔥


🌟 Get ready for a super VIP experience! 🌟 The first 7️⃣ people who enroll in this incredible group coaching program will not only get everything listed above, but you'll also score a 30-minute call with ME! 📞✨ We'll dive deeper into your personal brand and explore how you can really shine online for your customers. 🚀 Plus, you'll enjoy 7️⃣ consecutive days of Voxer live access to me, so I can be right by your side when you need me most. 📱💬 Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity! 💃🥂


🌟 Get ready for this fantastic 3-video bootcamp! 🎬 It's a super easy-to-follow course packed with practical tips to help you move, shape, and pose your fabulous 3D body into a stunning 2D photo! 📸💃 Time to flaunt your Outfit of the Day, show off those new kicks, or rock your date night threads with confidence! 🌟👗👟💕


🎉 Prepare to be amazed by this fantastic training! 🌟 Not only will it teach you how to confidently use any preset you desire, but it'll also guide you in creating your very own custom presets. 🖌️✨ Plus, you'll learn how to master Lightroom just like a pro photographer would! 📸🌈 Get ready to level up your photo editing skills in no time! 🚀🤩